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Dec 28, 2010

who's cheating aholes.

they claimed there were anarchist and not CHEATING. yes. they right, they were really anarchist.


sharbinee were being pointed first at Stadium Bung Karno. then the Markos The Rakos Botak stop the game because he claimed that he were being laser pointed. 

dem u.

loser will always be loser.
stupid will FOREVER be stupid.

p/s: the picture were fully taken at Berita Harian and Utusan website.


sAzUwI said...


Solahuddeen said...

best siot menghanjeng bola neh.

Aanis Alexis said...

Khairul Fahmi.... kte jmpe nnt!

Solahuddeen said...

shahrul + safee + muslim = kasi kaw2 punyeeee

Aanis Alexis said...

pemain Malaysia paling menyerlah pd perlawanan separuh masa kedua (di Indon) jatuh kpd............ KHAIRUL FAHMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solahuddeen said...


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