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Dec 7, 2009


maybe all of you wonder, what the title is all about?

late this evening, I've watched a movie at HBO, entitled Sicko. at first, i thought it was another expensive-replay-boring movie that my parents had to pay at astro.

but, that evening, the movie were different

the movie who were directed by Michael Moore who a documentary movie maker at America.

The film investigates the American health care system, focusing on its health insurance and pharmaceutical industry. The film compares the for-profit, non-universal U.S. system with the non-profit universal health care systems of Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba.

for example. a citizen in United States has to pay expensive bills for their health needs. maybe around thousand dollar. BUT, in U.K, France, Canada and communist nation, Cuba, their citizen can get their health care and needs for FREE.

another example. in U.S, a citizen who had lungs problem, had to buy inhaler (sejenis rawatan utk pesakit lelah, yg sedut2 tu) for $150 dollar. but in Cuba, they need to pay 5 cents.

this show that the health system in U.S is far more worst rather than U.K, France, Canada and Cuba.

to make things worst, even the prisoner at Guantanamo Bay can get health need far more BETTER than the soldier that had to care for the prisoner.

that's why the Michael Moore, take the citizen who had health problem and didn't get the proper health care because of the expensive bills and no insurance cover take the citizen near the Guantanamo Bay to YELL and  want to have proper necessary health care, there. but it's doesn't succeed.

then, they went to the CUBA, and try to find the difference between U.S and CUBA health system. there, there were given proper, nice, comfortable health needs, for FREE. FREE. i repeat FREE.

they were cry because of the differences. the citizen who were taken by the Michael Moore were people who are volunteering in Ground Zero, WTC. they got the health problem there. but the U.S government denied their needs.

so sad.

so, I've sit back and thinks. there is no different also in my nation, Malaysia. yes, we still got the free health needs in government hospitals. but, korang pun pikir sendiri la. beza hospital kerajaan ngan swasta. I'm not saying that i didn't thanks fullness. but, a citizen suppose to have good health care and needs, and they doesn't suppose to be overburden with the hospitals bills and so on.

korang ingat lagi x, yang kerajaan ader cadang nak tuka sumer hospital menjadi swasta? peh. i guaranteed, that if that plan will happen, I'm sure that they will be many citizen died. not because of the disease, but the bills.

ah, later on, i will do some research about the health system in Malaysia. need to.

p/s: pasneh nak try tgk sumer movie by Michael Moore


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