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Dec 4, 2009

New Moon Critics

this afternoon after sembahyang jumaat, i rushing to the Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi Klang to see the Twilight Saga : New Moon. i really want to see this movie for a long time.

i watch the movie a little bit late, whereas the movie rolled at 2.45 pm and i came in at 3.00pm. maybe i miss a few thing, but i don't care much, because the romantic-type-genre is not my type really.

then i watch it. with good feeling.

the movie was superb. as for the love genre movie. the soundtrack. also superb. the director know where and when to put the right song. it's fill the mood and atmosphere, making the movie more interesting. i like it.

as for the robert pattinson, your acting not really good, BUT your action is considered as suitable and right for the vampire job. you really making the movie a worth to see. this is the strength for the movie.

the movie is same with the other chronicles kind movie, like harry potter, it's quite boring. harry potter is the boring most (sorry for harry potter fan) because for those who really don't like to watch romantic love kinda type of movie, i not really recommended this movie. Bella is always crushing because her edward cullen is leaving her. and this is love thing. (apeedaa aku merepek)

that's why i vote this movie as 3.5/5 *majorly because romantic movie is not my type

but, i give an exception for Twilight. it has is own magic. making me cannot wait to see the next twilight saga. really.

as for bella, she really want to be a vampire. to live with edward cullen. and her friend jacob who a werewolf, doesn't like the idea. (werewolf and vampire fighting each other) this is the conflict. the conflict that make me want to know what will happen next. as that bella will be a vampire? or will jacob won't make that thing happen?

i just cannot wait the next saga. i feel like i wanna buy the books, and read it. ha3~

*i'm in chaos situation.


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