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Jul 19, 2012


Age is just a number; the higher it gets the more wise you become

i am 24 today. getting fat. hope's all my subject this semester pass with flying colors. crush gua pulak saat-saat ni pun tak amik port. haha. gua ok je. gua nak tengok batmannnnn!!!! kay thanks for all the wishes! doakan kesejahteraan dunia akhirat gua ok! =)


Miss Yaty said...

hepy besday bro! semoga pjg umur dan murah rezeki. Good luck for this semester and all the best! :)

Solahuddeen said...

aminnn. thanks ye miss yaty!!!


Aanis Alexis said...

fatty, i'm jealous with u!

Solahuddeen said...

u jeles ke. makan la banyak2 cam i kayhh. yeah i'm fatty and kacak kan? wakaka

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