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Nov 25, 2009

New Template For My Blog

as you can see, my blog layout has changed. it  happen because, some of my friends want to change their blog layout into 'version 3' and my other friend had already changed her blog layout.

at first, i want to create my own blog layout and don't want to use any free template. but somehow, my internet connection is disconnecting every 5 minutes. how come can i edit all the 'crazy-code' at the blog. so, to save my electricity and internet bills, i choose 'floating' free template blog layout.

it is easy, cool, matured, simple and i like it.

and from now on, i will use english as my medium to express my thought in my lovely blog (still not all writings will be in english. some will be in malay instead). so those outside who had well better english than me, i hope that all of you can correct my english by using proper-correction ( i mean not to harsh, because i'm still a learner)

so enjoy

p/s: don't say i'm 'koya' and so all. all i want is to improve my english. and say what? i don't care.


Anonymous said...


siap ade awan gerak-gerak. ini tak adil.
acai...errr....jom kite tuka template nak? nak?
baik kau jawab 'nak'. kalau tak i sembelih u. aku nak template ni. cepat bagi....

Solahuddeen said...

maneee bulehhhh
penat aku cari.
jumpe lak template cenggini

saye jawab


sAzUwI said...

hehe...awan gerak2...

sian hana..siap jeles lg..

suterakasih said...

Berwajah bru nmpak..huhuhu..lawa2

Solahuddeen said...

sazuwi : yes. berjaye menjeleskan hana.

suterakasih : tenkiu!!

Aanis said...

acai... ajar la cmne nk wat awan gerak2 tuh... ;(

Lola miss memories said...

mmg lawa template ko ni:)
pe lman web nk cri template ek?

Solahuddeen said...

aanis : awak leh tanye saye ngan awie. saye pakai free template jek. :]

miss lola : nah.

Lola miss memories said...

thanx mr solahuddeen..:)

Solahuddeen said...


Anonymous said...

Your blog is really cool! I will wait when you finish. Thank you for interesting articles.
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